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Build Your Own Cadillac at Holiday Cadillac

Looking for the new Cadillac car or SUV of your dreams? Why spend hours scouring the WI auto market when you can simply build a Cadillac of your own with Holiday Cadillac? All you have to do is utilize our Cadillac build and price vehicle configurator to put an order together. Then, you simply submit your order form, and we’ll have your new Cadillac available on our lot within 2-3 months.

You’ll also want to fill out our pre-qualification form to save yourself time and money when your Cadillac vehicle arrives. But for now, let’s find out how to build and price a Cadillac of your own!

How to Build a Cadillac of Your Own

So how do you build and price Cadillac vehicles using our Vehicle Configurator app? Simply follow the instructions outlined below, and then submit the order to Holiday Cadillac:

  • Choose a Model: Select the Cadillac model you want to customize.
  • Select the Model Year: You’ll be able to choose between the current model year or the previous model year.
  • Choose your Trim: Once you’ve selected the model and model year you’d like to work with, the next step of building your own Cadillac is to choose the trim level you’d like.
  • Pick Your Drivetrain: Some trims will allow you to choose which drivetrain you want. If you see these options listed below the trim you’re interested in, select the drivetrain you prefer.
  • Choose Your Paint Job: The next step of using the Cadillac build and price configurator is to choose your paint colors.
  • Choose Your Interior Colors: Next up, you’ll want to select the materials and tones used throughout the cabin of your Cadillac car or SUV.
  • Select Packages: Choose the packages you want, and don’t forget to explore the individual options at the bottom of the list. These are à la carte features you can opt for, so you can be more selective about where your money is spent.
  • Pick Accessories: Accessories refer specifically to utility features like floor mats and styling features like illuminated door sills. Once you’ve chosen your accessories, you’re ready to order your Cadillac from Holiday Cadillac!
  • Send Your Cadillac Build to Holiday Cadillac: Once you build your dream car, you’ll be prompted to send your Cadillac build specifications to a dealer. Simply pick Holiday Cadillac and submit your Cadillac configuration!

Build and Price Your Cadillac with Holiday Cadillac Today!

Have any further questions about how to build your own Cadillac? Feel free to contact us online for more information. We’re eager to help you find the exact Cadillac model you’re looking for, whether it’s a CT4 with a few additional features or a fully upgraded XT4!